Bounty Management


Bounty campaigns are a fast and effective way to create interest in your project within the online community. When it is compared to traditional online advertisements, bounties target a more engaged audience through a unique incentive system commonly used to promote projects utilizing blockchain technologies. Bounty campaigns leverage the power of crowdsourcing to create a completely new model of marketing.

We suggest an individual approach in construction of your bounty campaigns on the Bountize specialized software. Experienced consultants will set up campaigns based on your goals and best bounty and community managers will supervise bounty process for you, while your team can track and monitor the process on the dashboard.

Signature and Avatar campaigns are the most effective way to target the largest and oldest cryptocurrency forum - By incentivizing the most respected members to wear a tailored advertisement for your project. Signature campaigns grant attention from crypto investors from around the world.

Let crypto community start to talk about your Project! Bounty campaigns in social networks will help to promote your Project and create discussions within crypto community circles. Bounty campaigns can make your project viral, targeting the audience that you want. Bountize offers a ground-up approach - a unique method of incentivizing regular community members to discuss and promote your project ensures a quality and authentic audience.

Do you need an international scope? The internet is borderless - your marketing campaign needs to reflect that! Arrange a translations bounty campaign and promote your Project in different languages! Help potential investors learn details about your Project in their native language. Bountize can track the progress of community translations for your project in an intuitive interface.

About our software

Bountize incorporates the best bounty management, monitoring, and analysis solutions in a complete, easy to use software suite. Our system tracks the process of candidate filtering, manages approvals, checks conducted work, and provides intuitive interfaces for both the bounty hunters and project team.

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